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Bulk SMS

Bulk Messaging Solution for Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Societies, Airlines, Tourism, Banks/Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and Many more.

Send Bulk SMS from your PC to Mobile anytime and anywhere in the world. Using our website interface, you can schedule the time that you want your messages to reach your clients. If you are sending a single message to about a 1000 people, each person can receive the message with his own name.


  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Promotional Activities
  • Product Launch
  • Discount Alerts
  • Special Offers
  • Reminders
  • News Alerts
  • Holiday Specials
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Availability Enquiries
  • Reservations
  • Birthday Greetings
  • Stock Brokers
  • Unlimited Possibilities

Church SMS

  • Church service reminders
  • Invitation to special programmes like crusades etc.
  • Inviting new converts and encouraging them to attend meetings
  • Sending daily devotional and motivational text messages
  • Prayer requests to members
  • Donation requests
  • Tithe and offering reminders
  • Prayer topic reminders during times of fasting
  • Sending messages concerning time sensitive issues to fellowships/groups etc.
  • And many more

School SMS

  • Students performance mobile alert
  • Educational news
  • Fees dues(increment, arrears etc.) mobile alert to parents/guardian
  • Normal or emergency mobile notice to parents/guardian
  • Homework reminder mobile alert
  • Examination fees and exam dates mobile reminder
  • School re-opening and vacation dates reminder
  • Sending important management decisions to employees
  • Policies of school concerning hair-do, dress-code etc reminder
  • P.T.A. meetings reminder
  • Speech & Prize Giving day reminder
  • Fund raising, sporting activities and excursions
  • Registration date announcement
  • Complete payment of fees acknowledgement
  • Alerting parent/guardians of absenteeism
  • Public Holidays alert
  • Staff Meeting Alerts

Business SMS

  • Improved Work Efficiency- Multiple messages can be sent out to a large number of recipients simultaneously, eliminating the need to call each individual separately.
  • Saves Time - Customers use much less time to read a message than logging onto a website or receiving phone calls from businesses.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction Customers receive only relevant and useful information thus establishing a more personal both-way relationship.
  • Decrease Advertising Costs - Send out marketing offers to customers first.

Banks and Financial Institutions SMS

  • Alerts (account balance enquiries, over draft alerts, renewal alerts, transaction information)
  • In-firm communication (cost-effective communication between employees, which leads to faster process making and goal achievement)
  • Promotion (financial institutions can effectively offer new services via interactive marketing channel)

Benefits from using bulksmsghana's solution for financial institutions are numerous:

  • Guaranteed delivery of each and every SMS
  • Absolute security and no storage of sensitive data in transaction
  • Alphanumeric originator which allows brand visibility
  • Delivery reports from users mobile device as proof of delivery
  • Delivery to end-users mobile handsets within seconds guarantees cost effective way for direct communication between Financial Institutions and clients
  • 24/7 availability and no location boundaries

Airlines and Tour Operators

  • SMS will enable airlines to achieve greater passenger satisfaction, bind with them and increase their loyalty, providing them with accurate information at the right time.
  • SMS has no limitations. The service can be used by anyone owning a mobile phone in any country of the world.
  • SMS service enables airlines and their customers to monitor any changes to the schedule departure/arrival time of flight via mobile phone or device.
  • SMS will help keep passengers informed about last minute changes.
  • SMS is easy-to-use (user-friendly) - messages are sent with a touch of a button.

Opportunities SMS brings to the airline companies

  • Send/receive flight departure alerts
  • Send/receive seat waistline confirmation alerts
  • Send/receive alerts on changing flights
  • Send SMS flight disruption alerts
  • Fast check-in service for frequent passengers

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