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Email Hosting

We at M-Visions recognize the importance of mobility when it comes to e-mail, and as such have created a Hotmail-type Webmail for companies and organizations. This unique hosting feature allows you, and your e-mail users, to send and receive e-mail in a user-friendly environment.

Many users prefer our Webmail over the inconvenience of using an e-mail application, or the annoyance of banner ads that are frequently found in similar webmail programs. M-Visions offers its customers the ability to send and receive e-mail using both our webmail and traditional POP3 services -- a flexible combination that allows different users to access their e-mail in different ways.

Our Webmail features an address book, multiple folders, spell checking, searchable messages, a calendar organizer, and a blocked senders list, amongst many other features. The M-Visions Webmail provides the power that advanced users crave, with an interface that is easily accessible by everyone.

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