AdsAuditor is an Advertising Monitoring System for Broadcasting (FM/TV) media. AdsAuditor uses Information Technology and does not suffer from limitations imposed by manual monitoring systems. AdsAuditor is run by an independent party, without the intervention nor involvement of the Client, Advertising Agent nor the Broadcasting House. 


  • Wide geographical coverage.
  • Near real-time availability of results on your Desktop.
  • Around the clock monitoring.
  • Audio recordings of stations are kept for as long as required.
  • Very high accuracy and reliability.
  • Very competitive rates????
  • Independent of Media Houses and Advertising Agents.


 The system processes the audio files of adverts to be monitored and stores the signatures of the adverts in a Central Database Server. Various Television and FM channels are continually scanned, the captured data processed and sent to the Central Database Server to be compared with the stored signatures to determine if an advert has been played. The signatures are derived from Perceptual Hashes which make the system very resilient even in a noisy environment, producing very reliable results.

AdsAuditor NETWORK

The current implementation consists of AdsAuditor Servers installed across Southern Ghana to ensure all FM/TV stations of commercial interest can be received at very good signals. Processed data from these servers are transmitted to the Central Database Server for further processing and the results uploaded to a web server. Clients can access a near real-time results of adverts of interest played on various stations via their web browsers in the comfort of their offices. The following Regions are adequately covered: Greater Accra, Eastern, Volta, Ashanti, Central and Western. Work is underway to complete coverage for the whole country.

We are prepared to partner with companies in other jurisdictions outside Ghana to implement this product in other countries.