Our firm is a member of the QuickBooks® Professional Advisors Program and has been supporting QuickBooks® since 2002.

M-VISIONS as a QuickBooks® Professional Advisor, meets with new or current users of QuickBooks® and provide a free assessment of their Accounting system needs and a demonstration of the QuickBooks® Accounting Software. After the assessment/demonstration, we will provide the client with a written proposal for services including the price of the software, installation, set up, training, and support.

QuickBooks® accounting software is the most user friendly and economical accounting system on the market today. This software is useful for small & medium businesses. You do the majority of your bookkeeping as you write checks and record receipts on a daily basis. With QuickBooks® you know if you're making or losing money instantly.

As QuickBooks® Professional Advisor, we understand your internal and external reporting needs. Whether you're seeking quarterly or annual tax reports, interim financial statements for the bank or a listing of bills to be paid, we can take your QuickBooks® data and make any necessary adjustments to prepare the reports you need. If you prefer to produce your reports in-house, we can make sure QuickBooks® is set up to produce the information you desire.

QuickBooks takes care of all your Accounting need including:

  • General Accounting
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Billing and Collections
  • Cash Application
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Operational Reporting
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Creditors/Debtors Account
  • Creditors/Debtors Account Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation and Analysis

The following are some of the special features of the company:

  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Support for Larger Numbers
  • Company Snapshot
  • Multi-User Enhancements

Multi-Currency Support

QuickBooks support Multi-currency. If you work with foreign currencies this could save you a lot of heartache.

Support for Large Numbers

This one goes hand in hand with multiple currencies, although I have seen some comments from US-only firms that have run into this.

In the 2008 and older versions there were limits to the number of digits that you could have in the quantity, rate and amount fields in invoices (actually, any place in the program that has quantity or amounts). The limits were:
9,999,999.99 for quantities
99,999,999.99 for amounts

In the new release we see:
9,999,999,999.99 for quantities
9,999,999,999,999.99 for amounts

Unfortunately, they haven't opened up all of the limits. You still can't have a unit of measure conversion that exceeds a 1:5000 ratio.

Company Snapshot

This is a very nice feature that can give you a good overview of your company and its current business status. Here is a quick screen shot of this feature:

Multi-User Enhancements

QuickBooks is a good basic multi-user accounting system,

Multi-User Backup: You can perform a QuickBooks Backup without having to kick out all of the other users.

QuickBooks Messenger: QuickBooks Messenger is a way for users to see who is logged on, and to send them messages!