Messaging Centre


Messaging Centre is an IT infrastructure for aggregating Social Media (SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Email) within a single framework. This has been customised for the broadcasting industry where audience interaction and feedback via Social Media has been growing and is being actively integrated into programming. 

Features Include:

  Centralised location for customer feedback via Twitter, Facebook, SMS and Email.

  Different views depending on the the assigned rights of the logged-in user. Whilst an Editor may see all messages, a presenter may see only messages allowed by the editor.

  An Editor may edit received messages to suit house style.

  A message may be blown out to fill a screen for use in TV transmission. 

Technical Description:

The system consists of a Linux Server to which GSM modems are connected to receive the SMS messages. A high speed Internet access is also connected to the server to enable it access the messages from Facebook, Twitter and Email. A VPN server may also run on the system to offer access to regional branches over a secured VPN via the Internet.