MOREMAS is an IT system for the collection and management of revenue (Property and Business Taxes) for District and Metropolitan Assemblies. It runs off the GSM Mobile Network and reports collectors activities in real time to central servers. MOREMAS reduces leakages, improves overall compliance by Property and Business Owners and provides enough data to facilitate auditing and management. 


MOREMAS consists of three major components:

1. The Mobile Unit: This is a GSM mobile device with a simplified interface that the collectors carry around to facilitate in the collection of revenue. Using the GPS of the mobile device, it automatically lists properties and businesses whose taxes are due and are within a few hundred metres from the collector. It's also used for the recording of the taxes paid, which are immediately transmitted to the Central Database Servers (CDS). An SMS is immediately sent to the payee from the CDS to acknowledge the payment with a brief Statement of Accounts.

2. Office Module: This provides Management and officers in the Head Office the facility to monitor, in real time, collection activities in the field. It also provides an interface for analysis, auditing and report generation.

3. Backend Server: This consists of the  Central Database and Application Servers for storing Property and Business data, payment transactions and automatically generating periodic bills. It also sends periodic and timely reminders of outstanding bills and payment acknowledgement to property and business owners via SMS.  


1. Automatic generation of periodic bills and notifying respectively property and business owners.

2. Periodic reminders of outstanding bills.

3. Instant acknowledgement with balances from the Server, via SMS, when payments are made in the field.

4. Multi year record keeping, encouraging tax payers to pay off their outstanding bills to avoid them accumulating.

5. Reduction of leakages and compromising of officers in the field.

No special IT expertise and equipment required, this is a hosted service.